NUXE Sun Range

Ideal protection, total glamour

NUXE's range of sun care products with Water and Sun Flowers is designed to provide ideal protection and a 100% glamorous tan. With delicious textures and an incredible fragrance, these "addictive" products make summer go hand in hand with sensoriality.

Protective Products - During Exposure

NUXE Sun protects your skin and a sublime tan, while bringing you an exquisite sensory experience.
It provides ideal protection to help you enjoy the sun with complete peace of mind.



NUXE Sun products combine 3 to 4 filters* rigorously selected for their effectiveness and excellent tolerability for all skin types. The SPF/UVA ratio, fulfilling regulatory requirements, offers ideal protection against appearance of visible signs of premature skin photoaging.



The composition of NUXE Sun skincare products includes potent natural-origin antioxidants: Rice and Rosemary Extract, together with a botanical DNA precursor derived from Beet, to offer the skin effective protection against the appearance of visible signs of premature skin photoaging.



The composition of NUXE Sun* products includes a tanning stimulant: Carob Seed Powder. After the first few days of exposure, the skin naturally takes on a radiant tone.



Water Hyacinth and Kau Pe Flowers from the Marquesas Islands are two glorious plants which.


Choose your own ideal level of sun protection from the 6 NUXE Sun products.


Melting Cream For Face SPF 50

A sun care beauty product for fair skins and sensitive areas (face, neckline, hands, etc.) to help prevent the appearance of dark spots.


Delicious Cream For Face SPF 30

A cream that creates a delicious sensation on application, for all skin types, even fair complexions.


Delicious Lotion For Face and Body SPF 30

A radiant lotion for summer days to provide effective protection for all skin types, even fair complexions, from the harmful effects of the sun.


Milky Spray For Face and Body SPF 20

An ultra-practical spray for fast application, for lightly tanned skin exposed to moderate sunshine.


Tanning Oil For Face and Body SPF 30

A sun care oil with an amazing feel, an elixir of absolute sensuality, suitable for all skin types, even fair complexions. Which are also entitled to a beautiful tan.


Tanning Oil For Face and Body SPF 10

A nourishing, water-resistant and alcohol-free nectar-like oil for dark or already tanned skin.

After-Sun Care - After exposure

Refreshing After-Sun Lotion for Face and Body NUXE Sun

Designed to meet the skin's need to help repair and comfort after soaking up the sun. Thanks to its fine and refreshing texture, NUXE SUN Refreshing After-Sun Lotion brings a comforting and soothing sensation. It helps to repair the skin and leaves it feeling satin-soft. This satin-smoothing lotion moisturises the skin and helps to prolong a tan by 2 weeks** for a 100% glamorous bronzed effect.


You may have managed to escape sunburn, but that is no excuse not to look after your skin. After a quick cool shower, apply a generous layer of After-Sun. It will help to repair and soothe your skin, and keep your tan looking beautiful day after day.

Self-Tanning Products - All year round

The 2 NUXE Sun Self-Tanning products create a radiant, natural and even tan on your face and body: giving skin the warm bronzed glow of summer. For a "healthy glow" effect and a "bronzed body" all year round, summer and winter!

Melting Self-Tanning Emulsion For Face

A lamellar texture for a natural tan all year round, for all skin types, even fair complexions.

Silky Self-Tanning Body Lotion

A lotion enriched with reflective pearly particles to create an irresistible, iridescent sheen on the skin, for all skin types, even fair complexions.


If your tan starts to appear less even after repeated applications of your Self-Tanning product, we recommend exfoliating your skin to make your complexion more even. This will also help to make your tan last longer and appear more radiant. However, it is important to remember that this artificial tan will not protect you from UV rays.

Our expert advice for bronzed and protected skin all summer long

Choosing the right sun protection is the key to successful tanning.

While the sun instantly makes many of us think of wellbeing and vacations, it is important to remember that it is also responsible for various chemical reactions in the skin, in some cases with harmful biological effects. Check out our advice to make sure you stay prodigious all summer long!


A tan is a natural response triggered by the skin to protect itself from UV. It appears after 48 hours and takes around twenty days to reach its maximum. Do not stay out in the sun for too long during the first few days. Avoid going out in the sun between 12 pm and 4 pm. Everyone tans differently depending on their phototype, in other words, the skin's ability to absorb UV. You need to choose the right protection factor for your skin type.


Apply your sun protection product generously and evenly all over your body and/or face 20 minutes before you first plan to go out in the sun and then repeat every 2 hours. If you are playing sport or swimming, apply the product more frequently. Applying an insufficient amount of product will significantly reduce the level of sun protection. Wear suitable, UV-filtering sunglasses to protect your eyes.
Keep drinking lots of water to avoid becoming dehydrated. Over-exposure to the sun is dangerous. Avoid the midday sun. Solar cream does not provide 100% protection from the sun.


FOR A RADIANT COMPLEXION: Exfoliate your skin before applying the Melting Self-Tanning Emulsion for the first time, using the Gentle Exfoliating Gel with Rose Petals, to obtain an even and longer lasting tan.
FOR A SATIN-SMOOTH TAN: Mix some Refreshing After-Sun Lotion with a few drops of Huile Prodigieuse® Or to brighten your skin before an evening out.
FOR A BRONZED BODY: Exfoliate your skin before applying the Silky Self-Tanning Body Lotion for the first time, using the NUXE Body Melting Body Scrub, to obtain an even and longer lasting tan.